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Update 17-1-2012: King black dragon & antifire potion.
Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:00 am by David

  • Added a perfect King Black Dragon, with all 4 different types of his dragon breath attacks.
  • Perfect antifire potion effects, correct messages & correct effects on dragons.
  • Bug fixes requested in the bugsection.

Keep advertising please!

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Update: 17-1-2012, tormented demons.
Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:35 am by Peter
  • Tormented demons modified to change prayers every 16 seconds based on the maximum amount hit from the three hittypes(Melee,range,mage) or it will also change the prayer if it got hit over "310" by the cumulated hits of 1 hittype.
  • Many, many bugs fixed:)

Today we also hit the 20 players, lets hope that we will reach the 30 players as soon as possible!

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Update: 16-1-2012, Client & Server updates.
Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:23 pm by David
Did some bug fixing and added some finishing touches.
  • Fletching, make 5-10-x fixed.
  • Added starter limits.
  • Clanchat bugfix where mods would talk as donators and the opposite.
  • In the clanchat messages all the words the first letter would be capitalized, fixed.
  • Added mousewheel scrolling listener and configured it to work with all the interfaces.
  • Globalobjects support for changing regions.
  • Redone pk shop, much better stuff in it now.
  • Private messaging bug, it sometimes wouldn't send.
  • DFS fixed, the charges were unlimited.

Future updates:
  • Still working on summoning.
  • I will be adding Frost Dragons.

Please keep advertising!

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Update: 13-1-2012, Client & Server modifications
Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:21 pm by David
Client updates:
  • Face north feature added
  • New context menu's with transparency, just like runescape.
  • Some rendering fixes

Server updates:
  • Skilling teleport removed, catherby added at city teleports. Trying to make it more realistic.
  • Mining, smelting and smithing needs to be done at the real Runescape locations now. Just use wikipedia(Mining: Edgeville, Wilderness for runite ores). If you can't reach a place where you need to mine because of closed doors or something, just tell me and I will fix it.
  • Redone double doors handling, fixed like 100 double doors.

Please give some suggestions on new minigames, since this is what actually keeps te server fun.
I already saw a suggestion thread about a minigame, please criticize and tell us the improvements you want to …

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