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 Update: 13-1-2012, Client & Server modifications

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PostSubject: Update: 13-1-2012, Client & Server modifications   Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:21 pm

Client updates:
  • Face north feature added
  • New context menu's with transparency, just like runescape.
  • Some rendering fixes

Server updates:
  • Skilling teleport removed, catherby added at city teleports. Trying to make it more realistic.
  • Mining, smelting and smithing needs to be done at the real Runescape locations now. Just use wikipedia(Mining: Edgeville, Wilderness for runite ores). If you can't reach a place where you need to mine because of closed doors or something, just tell me and I will fix it.
  • Redone double doors handling, fixed like 100 double doors.

Please give some suggestions on new minigames, since this is what actually keeps te server fun.
I already saw a suggestion thread about a minigame, please criticize and tell us the improvements you want to see within that minigame.
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Update: 13-1-2012, Client & Server modifications
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