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 Update: 16-1-2012, Client & Server updates.

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PostSubject: Update: 16-1-2012, Client & Server updates.   Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:23 pm

Did some bug fixing and added some finishing touches.
  • Fletching, make 5-10-x fixed.
  • Added starter limits.
  • Clanchat bugfix where mods would talk as donators and the opposite.
  • In the clanchat messages all the words the first letter would be capitalized, fixed.
  • Added mousewheel scrolling listener and configured it to work with all the interfaces.
  • Globalobjects support for changing regions.
  • Redone pk shop, much better stuff in it now.
  • Private messaging bug, it sometimes wouldn't send.
  • DFS fixed, the charges were unlimited.

Future updates:
  • Still working on summoning.
  • I will be adding Frost Dragons.

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Update: 16-1-2012, Client & Server updates.
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