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 Chat Colors And Effects

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PostSubject: Chat Colors And Effects   Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:33 am

Here is a list of things to make your text fancy or at least colorful and more fun!

~Regular Chat~
Glow2: [Enter Text Here]
Glow3: [Enter Text Here]
Glow1: [Enter Text Here]
Red: [Enter Text Here]
Green: [Enter Text Here]
White: [Enter Text Here]
Cyan: [Enter Text Here]
Purple: [Enter Text Here]
Yellow: [Enter Text Here]
Wave: [Enter Text Here]
Shake: [Enter Text Here]
Scroll: [Enter Text Here]
Slide: [Enter Text Here]
Wave: [Enter Text Here]
Wave2: [Enter Text Here]
Flash1: [Enter Text Here]
Flash2: [Enter Text Here]
Flash3: [Enter Text Here]

This Is All For Now!
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Chat Colors And Effects
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