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 Update: 10-1-2012, some bug fixes & changes.

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PostSubject: Update: 10-1-2012, some bug fixes & changes.   Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:39 am

Didn't have much time actually but just wanted to do some bug fixes for you guys Smile

  • Smithing, it didn't require a hammer, fixed
  • Smithing, "Make 10" would just make 5, fixed.
  • Smelting you just needed the actual ore, amount support added to remove the amount of the 2nd needed ore(coal).
  • Fishing, -5xp when you took the wrong fishing spot or when your inventory was full, fixed.

Sponsor costed a little bit more then we expected, we just need a small 6$ which will be handled anytime soon I hope.
Also so skills aren't useless I am thinking of removing a few items ingame and let it only be obtained through skilling.
Furnaces & anvils removed, varrock or falador to smelt/smith now.
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Update: 10-1-2012, some bug fixes & changes.
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