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 Minigame (basic idea I guess)

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prof oak

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PostSubject: Minigame (basic idea I guess)   Tue Jan 10, 2012 3:53 am

Tl;dr: Read ‘the game’ (green)

Well I noticed that the server doesn’t have any unique content, and that should be the part of the server that makes it fun. So I thought about what mini game could be made and came to the conclusion that it isn’t easy to find something refreshing and creative. Note that this is an idea and I’m not saying it is a good idea. Every comment is allowed, and you can always (and please do) add feedback. Maybe it gets better with more ideas combined.

What does a good mini game need?
- From my personal view a good mini game doesn’t need allot to be good. But some extra content can make a mini game allot more popular even though it doesn’t change anything to the game. You may have noticed that humans like to brag of with their successes. And that’s the same in the Runescape world. A few examples of that are: Party hats, Skill capes, ... So people like to brag off, and they really want to work for it to (how long does 99 mining take?). A reward for dedicated and good players of the mini game is a good motivator to the player. Idea’s for reward I will post in ‘the game’ section.
- Second, skills are important. It’s annoying that the rank 1st actually sucks at the game and just has luck. Because it will be pvp style I want to have a limit to the players that can take part. Just because games like soul wars and castle wars are so overcrowded it isn’t about skills but luck to kill someone (Not 100% true, but I hope you get the point). With the limit you will have to use some skills to kill the enemy properly.
- Third, make a lvl restriction. I was thinking 110 (without summoning). The game is very easy to train so it shouldn’t be that painful. Players get really annoyed if they fight in team with noobs especially when its limited.
- Rankings: Always cool to brag off, it shouldn’t be al the player s but just a top 10 overall is enough. Extra’s could be added like top of the day, or best kill/death ratio.
- Some counter. Just a personal kill/death counter is a cool thing to have so people know how good they played.
- A fair point system I guess. Winner gets points, loser maybe lose point I’m not sure.
.. Feel free to add

The game:
Its a simple 5vs5 pvp game actually: It start when you talk to someone in Edgville, he gives some info about the minigame (what the goal of it, ...). When you accept ‘the challenge’ you get teleported to a waiting room. (I was thinking of adding 10 jails (that you had in the random event?) and every jail would contain 1 player (You can just teleport them to a closed room and let them wait there).
When the 10 slots are taken you get teleported to a battleground. And you fight to the dead.
* Before you actually start you should get a 5 seconds wait to pot up and prepare for the fight.
* Zone is multi so you can pile on someone
* Overhead protect prayers should be disabled
When you die: you get teleported to edgville and you can either try again or go training.

Point system:
Winning team +1 point
if you die as first -1 point?
Kill streak of 3 +1 point
less then x damage -1point? Idk
last man standing +1 point
Feel free to add.

Cape for the first one and maybe second and third (just other colours?) Something untradeable. When he loses first place, he loses the item.
Unique items, not overpowered but worth the effort? Maybe that gives bonuses in pvm? Idk
Feel free to add.

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PostSubject: Re: Minigame (basic idea I guess)   Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:09 am

Great idea!
There should be added some changes to it but thats up to the community to decide.
We are planning on adding an unique minigame that no other server has yet.
So feel free to give feedback on this minigame so we are able to make it as good as possible!
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mw2 master

mw2 master

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PostSubject: Re: Minigame (basic idea I guess)   Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:00 am

i susport this
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PostSubject: Re: Minigame (basic idea I guess)   

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Minigame (basic idea I guess)
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