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 Rules [read before posting]

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PostSubject: Rules [read before posting]   Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:31 am

Ingame rules:
1. No Advertising (which includes talking about other private servers)

2. No scamming/Hacking

3. No Disrespecting Staffs and other players

4. Do not ask for any Staff position

5. No Overly Abusive/Vulgar/Racist Comments

6. Do not threaten the server or the players

7. Do not ask staffs for items

8. Do not sell Interbellum items/accounts for rs or real money.

10. Do not Pk Boost.

11. Do not Share accounts.

12. Do not bug/glitch abuse.(you should report any bugs/glitches)

13. There are no refunds if you loose anything due to pking or staking.(if you loose anything due to a dc or a glitch and you can profide the proof than you will be refunded your items.

14. No spamming what so ever (Including for sales purposes,sales must have 7 second periods)

Forum rules:
1. Dont bump up old topics (older than a month)
2. No spamming topics
3. Do not flame other players
4. Respect Staff

Not holding yourself to any of these rules will result in a punishment (i.e. ban, mute, etc)
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Rules [read before posting]
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