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 Update: 09-1-2012, the finishing touches and sponsorship

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PostSubject: Update: 09-1-2012, the finishing touches and sponsorship   Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:10 pm

As the reporting of bugs decrease day by day, I think we are almost done with the beta-stage.
Please report every bug you find, to keep Interbellum as realistic as possible.

Updates and fixes:

  • You couldn't use potions within a certain area, fixed.
  • Sometimes there wouldn't spawn a barrows' brother out of the chest even if you already had killed 5 of them, fixed.
  • 'Crystal bow full' was equipping at the helmet due to the word "full" in it, fixed.
  • Also fixed the magic shortbow special, timed the projectiles on the hits and also has its double hit speciality now.
  • Dark bows special now also works at players and won't glitch up anymore.
  • Fully redone fishing due to its sloppiness, support for all fishes and all bugs/glitches fixed within fishing(teleporting while fishing etc.)

About the advertising of Interbellum, we have finally gathered all the money we need to buy a sponsor so we could increase the playerbase of Interbellum for a bigger and funnier community.
We will buy the sponsor within 2 or 3 days, stay tuned for a bigger playercount and please don't forget bug reporting!
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Update: 09-1-2012, the finishing touches and sponsorship
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