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 Update: 07-1-2012

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PostSubject: Update: 07-1-2012   Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:07 pm

David doing some bug-fixing;
  • Barrows was too glitchy, fixed all the bugs.
  • The monster at warrior's guild wouldn't attack/walk forward since it would get spawned at a tile that was clipped, fixed that.
  • Clicking slayer icon at skilltab will now show you how many amount you have left to slay and the giving task method of Duradel(?) has been redone and now it first checks if your level corresponds with the slayerlevel needed for the monster you would get assigned for.
  • Small fixes within the playerdead method which would print out the "Oh dear you are dead" before the player actually really died(when his head hits the ground). --> "You have defeated playername" also.
  • Fixed some bugs with the npcsize which would cause problems with the player attacking from a huge distance.

Please report every bug/glitch you find!
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Update: 07-1-2012
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